Fund Management

Fund management is overseeing investment funds or portfolios, including trading, investment, and administration. The portfolio manager will decide what types of investments to make in different securities such as forex, commodities, stocks, bonds, cash equivalents, and alternative assets, depending on the investor’s goals.

Making money through investing is simple with our Fund Management Service, and you can make money without doing anything other than investing your money. Our team of experienced Forex Trading experts assists clients who lack the necessary expertise or don’t have the time to manage their accounts to ensure that their investments remain profitable at all times.

Why Choose Us As Your Fund Manager?

Proven Track Record: Investor Tipster has a proven history of profitable trading. Since 2017 we have been providing higher and stable returns on investment to our clients.

We follow 100% Risk And Money Management: Investor Tipster has one goal: to assist you in earning money while never putting your fund at risk. We adhere to high-risk and money management procedures. Our monthly drawdown is always less than 10%, and our profit margin is more than 20%.

We Are Professional, Not Emotional: We are committed to maintaining our client's investment's profitability and success rate. We are experienced in this industry and such types of investment. 

Lowest Fees: Compared to other fund management companies who charge higher fees than ours, even though they may seem comparable just on paper. We know that keeping more profit in your wallet will always be worth it.

24/7 Customer Support: Our top priorities are providing excellent customer service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. You can contact us via email, phone, or our website's messaging system at any time of day or night.

Our criteria, Terms, and Conditions

  • We only take a minimum of $3000 funds and a maximum of $50000 funds.
  • You will provide us only trading ID and Password.
  • You have to deposit to any reputed ECN brokers. We suggest IC Markets.
  • Shareable profit percentage 60/40. You will get 60% and our company 40%.
  • You have to withdraw your profit every month. (Minimum 10% to maximum 20-25%)
  • Unless we exceed over 10% drawdown, you can’t tell us anything.
  • You can’t push us for trade with an oversized lot. We hate it.
  • We trade when we get a suitable setup. You can’t tell us for frequent trading.
  • Before you take over your funds, you have to inform us before ten days.
  • If we exceed more than a 15-20% drawdown, you can take over your funds without notifications.
  • Our minimum profit target is 10% and maximum 20/25%.

How does fund management works?

Investing in the forex market requires care. Despite recent regulatory crackdowns, many so-called fund managers fail to record losses or inflate performance results for their investors, giving them a false sense of security and making you feel like a loser even though your initial stake was intact.

What is the best solution? Investigating accessible funds before deciding where to invest; will all have various rates based on how much risk they’re willing to take.

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to researching and making an investment decision. Even if you do your research well, there’s always the risk that performance data won’t be accurate, so what could have been done in this time saved is lost because they didn’t invest with forex funds managed by professionals who have the know-how.

Our money management requirements are strict and rarely cut. As a word of caution: if something sounds too good to be true, then there’s probably an ulterior motive behind it! Although you may find yourself with some lucrative trades as well.