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Our course is designed from Forex basic, advanced and graduation level of education. This course includes Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis, Trading psychology, Risk management, Live trading season, News trading season, and the uses of different Platforms, Tools and News services.

Most forex traders lose money lack of proper forex education. Therefore, we are committed to introducing the complete FOREX Trading course to everyone. We understand there is so much misleading information on the web in the forex education space, but most are unnecessary and less important.

So we have designed a necessary and important forex course for Beginners, Investors, Retail Traders and Institutions. Our forex course will help you make constant profits and you get lifetime access to our VIP group.

Price Action Course

$ 200
This course is designed with pure price action analysis. Additionally, You will learn about the uses of different technical indicators and tools.
  • Uses of technical indicators
  • Uses of technical tools
  • Candle pattern and charts
  • Wave analysis
  • Eliot wave analysis
  • Supply and demand
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Fundamental Course

$ 200
This course is designed with all sorts of Forex Fundamental Analysis. Additionally, You will learn how to trade on high-impact news.
  • Introduction of fundamental analysis
  • How to use economic data
  • How to use economic calendar
  • How do banks use fundamental analysis
  • You will learn every factor of fundamental analysis.
  • Full Forex graduation course
Investor Tipster - Gold, Silver, Oil & Stock Trading Expert
Limited Time

Basic To Graduation

$ 400$ 500
We have covered from basics to graduation level about forex trading in this course, whatever you need.
  • Forex Basic To Graduation
  • You will be added lifetime premium signal group.
  • $5000 real trading funds if you can full-fill our conditions.
  • Live news trading season.
  • Personal consultancy and much more benefits.
Investor Tipster - Gold, Silver, Oil & Stock Trading Expert

What you will learn

Forex Basic

What is Forex Market & How does it works?

understanding Pips, Pipets, lots, margin, leverage etc..

different forex terminology : bid rates, ask ratse, spreads etc..

what is stop loss, take profit, buy stop, sell stop, marketc..

market opening hours for different time zone.

How does the Margin account work?

How do you choose the right forex brokers?

How to use MT4/MT5 efficiently?

How to practice at demo account properly?

How to develop a mindset before start to trade?

Forex Advanced

understanding the different types of analysis.

What is technical analysis, and how to implement it in trading?

Understanding Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patters, Volume, etc..

How to use different Technical Indicators and tools?

How to trade with price action?

Know the eliot wave and wave analysis.

What is fundamental analysis, and how to implement it in trading?

How to use economic data and economic calendar?

How to combine technical and fundamental analysis?

understand the money management.

Forex graduation

know how stock and bonds impact on forex market.

know about the seasonal trading.

What is a cot, fix, and options expiry, and how do they impact the market?

how to trade commodities. especially Gold silver and srude oil.

how to understand the market psychology?

Know how to trade like banks and hedge funds.

how to understand the central bank's monetary policy?

how to create a combined profitable trading strategy ?

how to use different trading platform and news services like tradingview, metastock xenith Etc..

how to control your emotion and motivate yourself.

Forex Course - Investor Tipster


We have covered from basics to graduation level about forex trading in this course, whatever you need. It is a live forex course, not a video recording. After class, you will get a class recording, and we will take the class thru zoom. Our forex course is not only theoretical; we also have included live trading season. There you will teach you to implement your knowledge in real-time live trading.  

Your instructor is Monir Hasan, who has been trading since 2008. When you enroll in this forex course, we will add you to our VIP signal group so that you can learn and earn together. During the forex course, we will provide trading and educational materials. In addition, we will teach you ninja tricks, techniques, and real facts about the forex market so that you can be a professional and successful trader. 

During this forex course, you will know about the structure of the forex market, who controls this market, how we generate profits, and where our loss goes. You will also know all the forex terms used in trading like bid rates, ask rates, pips, pipets, spreads, lots, pending orders, buy limit, sell limit, entry rates, stop loss, take profit, leverage, and much more.   

You can easily choose the right forex broker for you after completing our forex course. You will also learn to use different trading platforms like MT4, MT5, TradingView, etc. In addition, you will learn technical analysisfundamental analysis, and market sentiment. You will also learn how to trade news and how to use the economic calendar with our forex course. That will help you to make a good profit within a short time.  

We will also cover money management and risk management to help you make a good profit with small risks in this forrex course. We will also unveil banks and hedge funds trading strategies and how do they trade. Finally, we can ensure you if you complete our forex course seriously, you don’t need to depend on others. You can build your strategies like professional traders. Professionalism doesn’t come over time; of course, you have to practice and practice.   

What you will get after purchasing our forex course

  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • Access to all new/additional lectures
  • Access to our VIP signal group
  • Trading tools and materials
  • Access to our Q&A section forever!


Who this forex course is for

  • Beginner traders who want to learn about the forex market.
  • Advanced and Retail traders who want to learn about different analyses and strategies.
  • Traders who want to develop their skills want to make a constant profit.
  • Investors can select a professional trader so that his money can be safe and earn passive income.




  • No prior trading experience is required.
  • You will need a mobile, laptop or computer. 
  • This course is suitable for Beginners, Investors, Retail Traders, and Institutions.

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