IC Markets is a forex broker that has been operating for over 14 years. They offer their clients a wide range of products and services, including web trading platforms, mobile trading platforms, and desktop trading platforms.

One of the best features is access to educational materials from reputable sources such as Investopedia and Forexlive.  Their customer service representatives are friendly and available 24/7 via email or chat. In this review article, we will provide you with all the information about ic markets to decide if it would be a good fit for your needs.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Trading with IC Markets 

IC Markets is more than just a forex broker, offering low fees and an accessible account opening process. IC Markets also provides free deposits with withdrawals for your convenience. 

However, IC markets have some negative aspects too – like not investing in other options besides CFDs or Forex, which are their only products available at this time (we had slow responses when looking up answers on live chat). 

And if you’re from outside of Europe, then protection against losses isn’t guaranteed either, so make sure before signing up that everything will work out well between both parties.



  • IC Markets offer a swap-free account for Muslim traders. 
  • Their trading fees and spreads are meager and convenient. 
  • IC markets offer Instant deposits without any charges. 
  • Account opening the procedure is straightforward with IC markets. 


  • IC Markets don’t offer investor protection for outside clients except for EU and Australian clients.
  • Their live chat supports are very slow. 
  • IC Markets will delete your account if you don’t trade for six months.

Open an account at IC Markets

IC Markets Fees And Spreads 

IC Markets MT4 Raw Spread Commission
IC Markets MT4 Raw Spread Commission

IC Markets Trading fees are low. However, there are different cost structures for each type of account.” For example, we tested the ‘True ECN with MetaTrader’ account- which charges commission but offers tight spreads. 

We have calculated all costs involved in making one typical trade across selected products from various brokers. Then we compared IC markets fees and spread with other forex broker rates of return accordingly. We found their pricing transparent and comparable.  

The trading fees of stock index CFDs are built into the spreads, but the financing rates are high. On the other hand, IC Markets has low non-trading prices. As a result, they have no inactivity, deposit, or account fees. 

Withdrawing funds using credit/debit cards or electronic wallets is also free. Even international bank withdrawals fees are also free though a few months back, they charged AU20. 

Platforms and Tools

IC Markets offers a diverse array of services to meet forex traders’ needs and demands, including no, requotes, and execution methods that make it easy for algorithm-based trading strategies. In addition, with copy-trading platforms available on both MetaTrader platform suites or cTrader suite offerings, IC markets will be hard-pressed not to offer something unique.

IC Markets Trading Platform
IC Markets Trading Platform

Meta trader

The MT4 and MT5 are the best trading platforms for beginners. With its easy-to-use interface, IC Markets is perfect if you’re starting in forex trading or cryptocurrency trading. 

The desktop versions feature advanced tools like AutoChartist’s plugin and trading central plugin. This plugin enables forex traders with no coding experience to develop their automated strategies. 

In addition, Auto chartists are built with programming languages such as VBScript on Windows 2000/XP machines. This tool keeps up with market trends through charts created by Trading Central’s indicator suite.


IC Markets is a popular broker that offers both web-based and desktop versions. In addition, the cTrader suite includes several applications such as automated trading and social copy-trading using the cAlgo app for iPhone or Android devices. You can also trade with the European version of their platform if it suits your needs better than its US counterpart (though there isn’t much difference).


IC Markets is not your average broker. Instead, IC Markets provides the Advanced Trading Tools add-on developed by FX Blue LLP and installable plugins from Trading Central and AutoChartist. It is all in one place, so you can take complete control of how much information about trading decisions gets disseminated without having to run multiple programs simultaneously on different trading platforms.

VPS Services

IC Markets offers several third-party Virtual Private Servers (VPS) services to host client algorithms that completed 15 standard lots. Some of these VPSs are high-end servers worldwide. As a result, it provides traders with ultra-fast speeds while others offer lower quality but still enough bandwidth as you need it.

Copy Trading 

Meta Quotes, IC Market’s copy trading platform, offers an array of features to be used with all its global brands. Meta Trader’s native Signals market and Myfxbook are just two that give forex traders access to significant markets from around the world through cTrader Copy.

Educational Materials 

For those who are just getting started, IC Markets has a basic range of content. There are nearly a dozen articles in each category alone, and the 101 series contains materials on topics ranging from trading psychology to technical analysis.

The depth and diversity of educational offerings offered by better forex brokers, who provide far more than just text-based material, are lacking despite this strong foundation in IC markets.

Research and Trading Analysis

While IC Markets has social trading resources and add-on platforms, their research offerings fall short. There’s a significant gap compared to industry leaders such as IG or Saxo Bank that leaves you searching for answers when looking over this site’s content.

IC Markets bring you all of your technical analysis needs alongside fundamental analysis. In addition, they share daily market analysis content in their blog. Unfortunately, they have some lacking as wee, and they don’t provide enough video analysis as traders demand.

Deposit And Withdrawal Method

IC Markets Deposit Method
IC Markets Deposit Method

IC Markets has the best deposit and withdrawal services, with many options available. These are mostly easy and free of charge. In addition, IC markets will give customers access not only to their funds but also those from other people with accounts at this particular institution.

They have many options available, and most withdrawals are free and easy. Plus, there’s no risk when it comes time to make a withdrawal because they’ll offer you money on the spot if need be-not that any customer would ever need them too much or anything.

If you have a bank account, opening an international one can be as easy and convenient. Digital banks offer excellent exchange rates with no conversion fees. So, if your currency of choice is not among the list provided by them, then just let us know what other currencies are needed for funding or trading purposes.

Depositing money is easy, but withdrawing can be a hassle. How long does it take to withdraw your funds from IC markets? We found that the transfer with a bank account took two business days on average. But withdrawing in the digital wallet will take less than a day. Of course, you can only do this if they are in accounts held by yourself alone.

Customer Service 

IC Markets offers excellent phone and email support, but the quality of its live chat is subpar. For their part, you can reach them through the following methods: Live Chat, Phone/Email (reachable at (support@icmarkets.com). 

Another excellent feature of this company’s website is their fantastic customer service; their responses were constructive. One thing we’ve noticed about these people is that they’re very friendly. They are constantly on the lookout for your feedback so that they can identify areas for improvement.

The live chat service, on the other hand, could be significantly improved. For example, there are long wait times for responses, and the average wait time for an answer was more than 10 minutes. That is exceptionally inconvenient because many customers prefer to receive quick responses when they have questions about their orders or products on sale that day. 

Also, some of our requests went unanswered, such as how financing rates work. We had to ask several times before finally receiving an answer from customer service, which took more than 24 hours after we made the inquiries first thing Monday morning.

Is IC Markets Safe? 

International capital markets pty (IC Markets) is a global financial services company that offers a variety of financial products and services. With offices in over 20 countries, including Australia, it is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). 

There are many top-tier regulatory bodies around the world. What’s the drawback? Many companies have public listings and provide financial information to shareholders every quarter. IC Markets does not do so, so you’ll have to take my word for it regarding how good things are going overall (they seem pretty darn good).

IC Markets is a global financial institution based in Australia. They were founded over seven years ago, in 2007. They have Cyprus Securities Commission (CySEC) and Seychelles Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) licenses. IC market’s Australian Financial Services License No: 335692.  

Do IC Markets Provides Mobile Trading? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to trade stocks or forex. IC Markets have a mobile trading app for your needs. The three platforms they provide including MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), which can be found on iOS and Android devices. 

cTrading is also available in the form of an online client accessible by a web browser from any computer with Internet access anywhere in the world. It makes IC markets perfect when coupled together.

Mobile trading Tools

On mobile devices, the MetaTrader and cTrader suites are nearly identical in terms of feature and functionality. It most likely depends on whether you trade manually or use automated trading systems. Their respective desktop versions are more effective at providing traders with what they need, whether access when away from home/office.

Algo Trading 

Algo trading is possible if you have a trading account with the cTrader and MetaTrader trading platform on your desktop or laptop. However, Algo trading with a mobile trading platform is not the best way to manage your trading activities. 

There are a variety of reasons for this. All automated trades will not work in their mobile versions, for starters, which means that all position management will have to be done manually. When you need to deal with a large number of transactions simultaneously, that will make worse situations. 

Copy-trading is only made available through supported apps such as ZuluTrade’s. Users don’t need to download any additional software because this feature is already built into every platform’s core functionality (iPad included).

FAQs: IC Markets

What types of a broker is IC Markets? 

IC Markets offers ECN trading with accurate spreads starting at 0 pips on a wide range of forex pairs, sourced from multiple liquidity providers. Because it is designed with high volume traders in mind and because there is no dealing desk or price manipulation. IC Markets are your best option for an interactive experience that gives you greater control over your trades.

What is the minimum deposit in IC Markets? 

The minimum deposit at IC Markets starts at $200, regardless of the account you choose. You can open a Standard or Raw live account with just one payment method if that’s all the money in your bank account right now.

There are also over 12 different ways to fund investment – including credit cards and PayPal and third-party providers like Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, etc.

Is IC markets a good broker? 

IC Markets is a popular forex broker that offers investors the opportunity to automate their trading strategies and work with other users on social copy trading platforms and competitive pricing. They also provide valuable research materials, educational materials for beginners or advanced traders.

Is my investment safe at IC Markets? 

The safety of your funds will depend on which entity holds them. For example, in Australia, the National Guarantee Fund does not provide any protection when trading CFDs.

IC Markets maintains indemnity insurance and keeps client monies under security at all times with its Client Moneys Trust Account. If you’re located outside of Cyprus or Seychelles, then other countries’ financial guarantees may exist.

Cyprus has an Investors Compensation Scheme (IC Slater) for retail clients up to 20K euro per account held by International Commodities EU. Bahama Islands offers registration certificates through The Foreign Exchange Commission if there is no equivalent organization available locally.

Final Word 

IC Markets is a company that specializes in providing services and products to high-frequency traders. They offer low commissions, competitive spreads, automated execution through their MT4 trading platform or cTrader terminal. These options must lead them towards higher trading volumes than competitors.

Indeed, research and education are not IC Markets’ strong points, but the forex broker does have the potential to grow. In addition, offering social trading on Myfxbook and ZuluTrade helps round out its forex offerings. 

Traders who want an edge without going all-in with algorithm-based strategies IC Markets is the best choice for them. It’s also worth noting how much wider spreads can be with a Standard account.  So, I will recommend trading at the raw spread account.


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