Free Forex Signals



Date: 28-02-2022
Note: Delete Sell Stop. Sell Limit Active.
  • Sell Limit: 1933.00
  • Sell Stop: 1874.00
  • SL: 1976
  • TP: 1815


Date: 28/02/2022
  • Buy Limit: 85.00
  • One More Buy Limit: 80.00
  • SL: 75.00
  • TP1: 100.00
  • TP2: 107.00


  • Buy Zone: 40000
  • Stop Loss: 30000
  • TP1: 48000
  • TP2: 65000


  • Sell Zone: 1.9230
  • SL: 1. 9300
  • TP: 1.9000

US 30 - Dow Jones

Date: 28/02/2022
  • Sell Limit: 34900
  • SL: 35900
  • TP1: 33500
  • TP2: 32500


  • Sell Zone: 115.50
  • One More Sell Limit: 116.50
  • Stop Loss: 117.50
  • TP1: 114.50
  • TP2: 112.50
gold 1
us oil 2
us 30 3
gbpusd 4
BTC stop loss hit November month
US 30 TP1 Hit
Siler trade canceled
Bitcoin Hit TP1
Gold Hit TP1
Free forex Signals Gold TP1 Done

Why Forex Signals are Important for Retail Forex Traders

Free Forex Signals
Free Forex Signals

If you are a retail forex trader, free forex trading signals service can be an essential service to help you improve your trading and generate profits. Forex signals service providers show traders when and where they should open and close trades.

They offer free trading information and tools that you don’t have to research yourself, and they can help turn a profit if used correctly.

Forex signal service providers have been around for many years now. Still, their popularity has only increased in recent years as more retail forex traders have turned to free forex signals as a way of improving their success rate.

A few years back, usually individual forex traders would offer forex signal services. But nowadays, many big companies are providing forex signal services. It is a good sign that the forex industry is growing a new sector to help traders and investors.

Most of the forex signal service providers have both paid and free services. But, of course, paying clients to get more benefits than free clients. But signals service providers are very concerned about their free services as well. Because most of the time, paid customers joined from the free services.

Forex signal service providers usually handle two groups or channels. One is a free signal service for all; another is paid signal service for the paid members. Free forex signal service is a group or channel where service providers share analysis, research, performance and use as a marketing platform. 

In a free group, they may not share all the signals that they share in paid groups. On the other hand, in the paid group, they share only analysis or research. Most of the time, signal providers try to transmit the most appropriate signals in the paid group.

If a forex service provider offers profitable forex signals and other services to the free members or group, traders buy their paid services.

While free or paid forex trading signal providers can be beneficial, but there is no way to guarantee the accuracy of their paid or free forex trading signals. Therefore, if you follow a forex signal provider’s advice blindly without doing your research, there is a possibility that you can lose money. 

How to use forex signals?

It is not a hard job to understand forex signals. Most of the forex signals providers are based on the English language. They mention entry price. I mean where to buy or sell. Where should you put your stop, and where will you be making a profit. Most forex signal providers don’t share details like why they choose to buy or sell, why they put their stop loss in that pace etc.

Some signal providers indeed chart with the signals. But most of them don’t. Usually, forex signal providers share charts and other information in their free forex group for marketing purposes. So that retail traders can judge how good they are. But in the paid group, they share only signals and sometimes signals with the chart so that traders can get confidence in how their signal providers produce signals.  

They usually use like below format for sharing forex signals:

Gold Entry Price: 1800

Stop Loss (SL): 1700.00

Take Profit (TP): 1900.00

Some forex signal providers use Take Profit 1 (TP1), Take Profit 2 (TP2), and Take Profit 3 (TP3), etc. though it is a bit confusing, they use their marketing purposes. SO, before you buy or use forex signal services, you better talk to them about what you should do while the market reaches their take profit 1, take profit 2 price zone. Otherwise, you may not get the best benefits from them.

Do forex signals work?

It depends on many things. Most of the forex signals are generated based on technical analysis. So, what you see, they also see the same things. Those forex signal service providers generate forex signals based on fundamental and technical analysis both, I have seen their success rate are high.

Many providers I have seen use only price action, and even they generate good results. Experience is also a significant factor behind the success rate of a forex service provider.

No forex signals will work 100% because they don’t control the market. But experienced traders can generate profitable forex signals if they have a good and profitable trading strategy and they follow it without greed.

So, before you buy a paid forex signal service, use their free forex signals. First of all, test their signals in a demo account, follow their additional instructions. Try to use every signal with money management by taking not more than 2% risks. Keep the focus on their trading strategy. Use their free forex signal for at least one or two months. Then you can quickly realize their signal service will work or not. Keep in mind, and all the past performances don’t ensure future results.

If forex signal providers are profitable, then why do they sell signals? 

I think it’s not a mature question. Usually, most of the forex signal providers are traders. They trade for themselves. They typically have to analyze the market for their trade. If they can earn some bucks just sharing his analysis and research, I think it’s not a bad deal. It’s not like that; if they share their analysis or study, they will go less later on their part. There may be another story as well. 

I know some professional forex trader who sells forex signals and their signals also work, but they don’t trade themselves. Instead, they generate forex signals for their paid clients. 

Now you can ask me still they are profitable, but why don’t they trade for themselves? There are main reasons I found, some trades can’t control their emotions and don’t follow money management. So when they provide signals, they can’t stand on their own opinions and keep patience. But when they offer trading signals, they don’t have to control their emotions or keep patience. 

Another reason I found; some individual forex signal providers don’t have enough capital. Though I think it’s not a big problem. If they can provide good signals within a couple of months, there may be a chance that they will get funds for fund management. Most of the forex signal providers indeed have their funds, and they research or analyze for themselves, and they share their hard work to make some extra buck. 

What are the advantages of using forex signal service?

There are many advantages of using forex signal services if you can use it smartly.

  • You don’t have to research yourself.
  • You can copy trades for some professional traders.
  • You can grow your knowledge and experience.
  • You don’t have to work hard to get all the market updates by yourself.
  • A good forex signal provider you keep you stress free.
  • Profitable signal providers help you generate some passive income by paying little bucks.
  • They will grow your confidence that it possible to make money trading forex.
  • Their instruction will help you to understand when and how to trade.

What are the disadvantages of using forex signal service?

There have some disadvantages too using forex signals. Like,

  • You will be lazy.
  • You can lose you whole investment.
  • You will be dependent on them.

What is the best way to make profit using forex signal services?

Yet there have advantages and disadvantages using forex signal services. but you can make it profitable if you use forex signals service wisely. Follow our few steps to be profitable using forex signal services.

Don’t stop learning

 Whatever they share their valuable analysis and research, you shouldn’t stop learning. Try to learn from every signal. Why they have given buy signal or sell signal on the particular pairs. Try to find out what are the reasons to put take profit and stop loss on the specific price zone. if they share chart, try to match with your own chart. If they follow other trading strategy, you better test the same signal with your own strategy. If you keep carry this system, I hope after couple of months you will learn a lots of things how to generate forex signals yourself.


Don’t follow them blindly

Do not follow them blindly. Do your own analysis first and then check their analysis and research with your one. If you see their point of view and your point of view have matched, I will suggest you follow that signals. If their signals don’t match with your point of view, just skip it. Don’t worry, if their signals are correct but you didn’t follow it and didn’t make some pips. At least you have learned something.

Look before you leap

You shouldn’t be biased just seeing thousands of thousands pips they are making. All are not true what you see in your open eyes. Before you buy forex signals from signal provider, you should follow minimum one or two months of their free signal service. Some forex signal providers are good at marketing not at trading.

So, I will suggest you not to fall in trap just seeing their marketing in online. See the performance, how often they provide signals. How many pairs they work for. You should carefully monitor for one or two months. Then it will be easy for you take decision that the signal service provider is perfect for you or not.

Don’t buy those services who commitment too many pips

You should always avoided those signal service providers who give commitment too many pips per month. you should also avoided that types of service provider who gives signals very often. Because it’s not possible to follow if they provide signals very often. Check how many pairs they work for. If they use too many pairs, that mean they are not master in specific trading strategies and they have no idea about fundamental analysis.

Try to buy those signal service provider use combined strategy

The combined trading strategy (Fundamental + Technical) is always profitable. Those signal service provider follow combined trading strategy to generate their signals, that have more chances that their signal will work better than those use only technical analysis. If investing is a human fundamental analysis is its soul and technical analysis is its body. So, market always respect both analysis. I will suggest you consider this step before you buy forex signal service.

Follow money management and every signal

It doesn’t matter how profitable or good your signal provider is. Never ever violate money management. At the same time tray to follow every signal with the same lot. Nobody can guarantee that my analysis or signal must hit take profit. unless, you follow money management strictly today or tomorrow you will blowup your account.

And of course, try to catch every signal they provide with the same lot. If your lot are not same for every trades, you might not see the similarity between earnings pips and your profit. If you keep your lot same for every pips, end of the month or week you will see your earning pips and profit have similarity.

Finally, I will suggest you to check our free forex signal group. If think to buy paid forex signal, contact us here.