When we talk about future investment, a question arises: Bitcoin vs Gold, which is the better investment for the future? Because the Covid-19 pandemic taught us many lessons about several aspects of life. Still, one that stands out is the importance and value of savings.

Those who made wise investments during difficult times could maintain their lifestyle without any setbacks or changes in plans. Because they had prepared beforehand with adequate funds for what may come next when lockdowns occurred.

The recent economic predictions from analysts have many concerned about a possible recession. This worry, coupled with the long bull market and investors’ desire to shift their investments into more stable safe havens, may lead them to suddenly look for investment opportunities in previously overlooked assets which will provide less risk than stocks or bonds if there is indeed another downturn soon – but also offer greater returns on your money.

Bitcoin was founded in 2009, and it is new digital money that has been increasing in popularity in the past several years. We use bitcoin for buying and selling products, transferring money from one person or account to another without any middlemen like banks or other institutions involved (which makes it safer than traditional methods). 

Like gold in its early stages before, there were too many options available for investors wanting refuge assets during times of economic uncertainty; bitcoin could provide stability by giving holders peace of distrust when markets are volatile – at least until they figure out how best. To capitalize on its value going forward!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital asset, and it was created in 2099 by an unknown person or group of people. It works without a central bank and has bitcoin as its unit of exchange. A bitcoin can be divided into eight decimal points so that each bitcoin can be worth less than one US dollar or more than 100 million US dollars. 

Any country’s government does not back Bitcoin, but it has value due to supply and demand with other currencies. It has become popular lately because prices are increasing, so you can make money if you buy at the right time.


What is Gold? 

Gold is considered to be a valuable product. It is used as a means of exchange by people who want to trade items and services. It is a rare metal that doesn’t rust or tarnish in the air. Gold is also 2nd most reserved currency. Gold was first discovered in 1000 BC, and people have been using gold ever since. Gold is valued because it’s rare, durable, fungible, and beautiful. We use gold for investment purposes as well. You can quickly cash it if you have gold because it does not rust and cannot tarnish. 

What are the arguments in favor of gold?

 Gold is not a currency but also a valuable commodity that has been using for thousands of years. It is used in jewelry, gold-plated electronics, gold medals, and gold mining. It’s also possible to use gold to hedge against inflation by holding it as an asset class.

If you’re considering investing in gold, some arguments may help persuade you to do so: 

1) Precious metals have historically served as a store of value during periods of economic uncertainty 

2) Gold prices tend to move independently from stocks and bonds 

3) Inflation protection

4) Gold has a history of 5000 years. 

The down-trodden gold standard remains an essentially new metal in modern society. It cannot be manufactured, so anyone who wants it must go out and dig up some from land or buy it on the open market where there are disproportionately few sellers compared with buyers.

If prices increase, the value of fiat currencies falls, but the price of gold increases because investors deposit their money into gold, silver, and other precious metals to protect themselves from losing purchasing power due to inflation.

If someone wants to protect his investment from the ravages of inflation and economic turbulence, gold is an excellent choice. Gold has specific factors that influence the gold price. So, it is easy to understand where the gold price is going in the future. 

Gold is an investment that protects against currency depreciation and catastrophic collapse, depending on what is happening in society at the time of purchase. Don’t allow these possibilities to scare away anyone interested in purchasing gold. You can trade and invest in gold in many ways; check it out here. 

What are the arguments in favor of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital asset and currency based on an open-source code. Bitcoin has many benefits to offer people who use it. Bitcoin’s history is not such long as gold. But in recent years, bitcoin has performed very well. 

Bitcoin was created was to help avoid the need for banks or third parties when transferring money. Another benefit of bitcoin is that you don’t have to pay transaction fees when sending bitcoin from one person to another.

It makes bitcoin very appealing because it saves users time and money. 

The government lost taxes and revenue if you made the transaction with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. As a result, many central banks are thinking of launching their digital asset like bitcoin. 

Many people refer to BTC as “digital gold” because of its weak link with all other assets, particularly stocks. A limited amount is available, making it valuable as an investment or store of value because we know how much will not be created anytime soon (21 million total). 

Right now, bitcoin is still valuable because of its fixed supply. A few months back, bitcoin prices rose nearly $60000. 

What are the disadvantages of having gold?

Gold is a valuable and safe investment. There is no doubt here. But gold doesn’t pay any interest or passive income like other asset classes like property business or stocks. 

If you store physical gold, you need a lot of space or rent the bank’s vault for safe storage. 

What are the disadvantages of having Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s supply is fixed. If something doesn’t happen like Ponzi schemes, we can say bitcoin’s price will always go up. Bitcoin is too volatile, and many countries still ban it. Central banks are not maintaining it, and even it has a trustworthy issue. So, it’s not the best time to finalize that bitcoin is a better choice for future investment.  

Comparison between Bitcoin and Gold

In the last few years, many investors considering bitcoin as a popular safe-haven investment option. On the other hand, gold still reigns supreme as one of humanity’s most ancient investments and will be for hundreds of more years to come.

But what if you don’t have thousands or even tens-of-thousands laying around? What then should your next move be in this volatile world we live in today where uncertainty rules everything around us. 

Well, I will try to evaluate bitcoin and gold investment alternatives side by side below. Continue reading, and you’ll be able to determine which is the best alternative for your long-term investment. after comparing bitcoin and gold, you will understand who is the winner in the game of Bitcoin vs Gold race.

Security and Legitimacy

Gold is a valuable precious asset that has been used for money and in trade for thousands of years by people. It’s easy to track, with established systems for trading/weighing already set up worldwide. You can’t create fake gold because of this infrastructure. 

Bitcoin traders need to understand the risks of volatility. In the Mt Gox disaster, a popular exchange lost $460 million worth of bitcoins forever. 

It is an example of why it pays off not just financially but also legally wise too. There are few consequences when dealing with cryptocurrency in general. Due to its lack of being traceable like other forms would be through banking laws vs. cash transactions, which come up regularly across countries around the world. Based on security and Legitimacy, Gold is the best option for future investment over bitcoin. 


Gold and bitcoin may seem like two completely different currencies. However, they do have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they are both scarce. Bitcoin has a limited number of 21 million coins, all of which will be mined by the year 2140 and will be exhausted by then.

Gold seems to exist nowhere except on Earth’s surface or within asteroids, where there is still some debate about whether it can ever come out at all. But even though we know for sure how many bitcoins are out right now, it equals $6 billion. No one knows when every last gram of this valuable resource might finally run its course.  

So, bitcoin and gold both are rare around us. Based on limitations, bitcoin and gold are winners, but bitcoin is ahead of gold. 

Base Value and legality 

The gold rush of 2017 was the first time that many people had heard about bitcoin. More industries are now adopting cryptocurrency than ever before. New and diverse applications are coming out every day. 

For instance, you can use bitcoins in place of traditional currency when paying for goods on Amazon or eBay. It is convenient for anyone who lacks access or cannot afford high fees from banks due tell credit cards. 

We use gold in many applications, from jewelry to specialized dental needs. 

It’s an essential metal found on Earth’s surface or as a byproduct of mining operations. Gold will likely continue being prized by humans around the world because it never loses its value. 

India recently banned bitcoin due to its inability to control bitcoin’s price fluctuations. Bitcoin is also illegal in China, Russia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Iceland, and Vietnam.

But gold is legal everywhere in the world. You can buy, sell, trade, exchange, carry whatever you want, you can do with the gold. And even, bitcoin doesn’t have any instinct value, but gold does. So, based on base value and legality, gold is much better than bitcoin for future investment. 

Safe-haven assets 

Gold, USD, JPY, CHF, and Bonds have been considered safe-haven assets for a long time. In recent years many investors have thought bitcoin is also a haven asset. But the reality is bitcoin can’t meet the requirement to be a haven asset. 


  • Bitcoin is banned in many countries. 
  • Bitcoin doesn’t have any instinct value like other commodities. 
  • No central bank is the authority of bitcoin. 
  • Bitcoin is only a digital asset, so it is possible to steal and hack. 

Gold doesn’t have such obstacles as bitcoin. Gold is a proven haven asset. 

There is no doubt here. So, as a haven, gold is ahead of bitcoin. Maybe in the future, if bitcoin may reduce its risky factors and draw investor’s attention, it could also be a safe-haven asset. But for now, bitcoin is not a safe haven at all. 

Cash-flow capability

Though many countries have banned bitcoin, some more major economic countries allowed it. Gold and bitcoin both are cashable nowadays. So, you can quickly cash and exchange gold and bitcoin both. Here both are the same. 


Bitcoin is more volatile than gold. So, usually, traders love to trade bitcoin than gold. But trading and investing have different pursuits. When it comes to day trading, traders love to choose the most volatile asset to trade so that they can make money for every movement. 

But, when it comes to investing, investors think about stability and future returns. So, based on volatility, traders would love to trade bitcoin so that traders can make money whether the market goes up or down quickly. But investors always seek a more stable and secure asset for future investment. 

Should you invest in Gold or Bitcoin? 

Gold is a proven stable and safe haven asset, but bitcoin is also a new investment concept though it is too volatile.

We are living in such a society where digital currency is getting popular day by day. So, you can’t ignore the reality. In recent days EL Salvador has made bitcoin their national currency. Many giant economic countries accept bitcoin; some countries banned it.

So, it’s not yet high time to invest in bitcoin all of your assets just because of volatility and higher returns. When you are an investor, you can’t think about the return only. It would be best if you thought about stability and safety as well.

As an investor, from my perception, we should invest in gold and bitcoin. I would go up 70% investment in gold and 30% investment in bitcoin. I do believe it will allocate my investment correctly.


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